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Planned depopulation

Amazingly every single generation before mine had at least 8 children

There is a global depopulation plan in place since about the time I was born. I have two living children – 2 boys. I had a son out of wedlock and was placed in a home for unwed mothers to expedite the situation – he was taken from me without my consent and given in adoption. Then I was told I would never get pregnant again. My second child, my only daughter, was still born even though i had spent the last month of my pregnancy in the hospital, there were no doctors available to assist in the delivery, not even a nurse was present. I had an IUD inserted. My second son was my only other pregnancy and the doctor talked me into having him by C-Section to be sure he would be ok. He also talked me into giving by baby experimental vaccines. My mother-in-law talked me into having him circumcised. So he’d been physically, intellectually and spiritually compromised before he even began, all without consent. I did not take birth control after the birth of my second son but was unable to conceive.

In hindsight it is all so obvious. Kevin Mugur will shake your reality to the core, and hopefully urge you to act on his Call To Action to put the goodness for all species  in front of all of the people instead of in front of just a few.