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Sexual Healing

A greater understanding
Of forgiveness –
Of gratitude
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I’ll never forget the bitter bite of reality with my mother’s denial and my father’s profound awakening when I read them their letters. My father took his life. In denial, my mother continues to commit a slow suicide.
This letter of forgiveness written by Teza to her father should be heard by all because…
Thing is we aren’t special – we aren’t special at all. Every where I was, from the time I was a little girl, no matter where in the world I landed, I have experienced, witnessed or heard first hand accounts of the degradation of women and children by the men, and the mother’s and women who turned a blind eye to the sexual trespasses on the children.
It is not a new story – it’s been practiced at all levels of hierarchy for eons. In some cultures it is quite ok. If not by dominance, with porn. The taboo is that it be known the degree to which it permeates reality – the reality you live in – your preachers, your teachers and your politicians have it all pegged – just turn on the TV – women & men are now desensitized to the point they accept being objectified as a sex aids – from the fairy tales right on up. There is so much more life they are robbed of as a result. Their true identity, killing their life FORCE
Everyone who has had their sexual boundaries trespassed, or knows someone who has, would gain profound insight on so many levels by listening to this beautiful letter of forgiveness and heal deeply.
Thank you for your courage Teza
Eternally grateful for this ride!