Family Tree

This Family Tree Page is a loving “work in progress”, that will evolve with each new  post created for each of my family members. I am learning, growing and sharing these wonderful family jewels easily providing extensive information and supporting records that I have been gifted with for all of my relations to access.

The family records you will find in these pages have come into my hands from various people, places and times and I feel a tremendous responsibility to share this knowledge with you my relative!

I have recently changed genealogy software and I am currently reloading the info previously displayed here as soon as possible. It gives me a tremendous pleasure to publish these 7 generations of genealogical treasures for all of my living relations to enjoy on this website.

This lists the names of my lineage for which i have support documents, but it is really just the tip of the iceberg! I will add the names to the list as I publish them. 

Robert – Gauthier

Robert – Legault

Gauthier – Brasseur

Brasseur – Duquette

Duquette – Chevrette

Chevrette – Dusome

Dusome – Clermont

Chevrette – Souliere

Duquette – Labatt

Labbatt – Goroite

Goroite – Julie

The old family tree software is still operating for now

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