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Shortly after my Grandfather passed in 1990, my Grandmother revealed a long held secret – that my Great Great Great Grandmother was a full blooded Indian! She told me she was married in a fuchsia taffeta wedding dress and that I was her descendant. In researching this heritage of mine I have uncovered many genealogical lines leading to this day!  This page is devoted to sharing the findings of my research and all of the lineage it gives me and my descendants.

My Menominee pedigree is certified by Gwen Patterson of the Ontario Genealogical Society who has researched my Aboriginal and Metis heritage.

I wish to share the findings of my research with all of my relations past, present and future to become powerfully present NOW. I have made available my pedigree and report proving my maternal lineage as is required to prove Aboriginal and Metis ancestry.

I am a 7th generation Menominee descendant. My PEDIGREE traces my ancestry to the Wild Rice Tribe. The first “people” to arrive to Turtle Island according to the First Nations. A small band of less than 5,000 Mongolians more than 10,000 years ago traversed across the Bering Straight land bridge to Alaska and made their way to the heart of the land by the great lakes as the last ice age retreated. The Menominee have maintained their homeland as their swift negotiations right from the start of the Colonial Invasion afforded them the luxury few other tribes garnished as band after band was sequestered to Reserves in barren lands. The Menominee Nation thrives still in the heart of the Great Lakes Wiscosin

I wish to share with you the information I have wholeheartedly gleaned over the years to bring ALL of this information to you online! A couple of years before my Grandmother told me about Françoise Clermont, I found myself visiting a neurosurgeon following complications from a C-Section and examining my bare back he casually mentioned “ahhh you are of Mongolian descent … ” I said no I am French Canadian in origin. He said I should look into my family tree there was some Mongolian – turns out there is – the Menominee side of us! It’s also the B Blood group origin for me.

Here are the 7 Generations

  1. Feb 15, 1957 my birth – Michelle Mary Lise Robert
  2. Aug 24, 1939 my mother’s birth – Marlene Denise Gauthier
  3. Dec 01, 1914 my grandmother’s birth – Gertrude Philomene Brasseur
  4. ??? ??, ???? my great grandmother’s birth Marie-Jeanne Duquette
  5. Nov 24, 1866 my great great grandmother’s birth  Marie Philomene Chevrette
  6. May 10, 1840 my great great great grandmother’s birth Mary Dusome
  7. ??? ??, ???? my great great great great grandmother’s birth Françoise Clermont


Still figuring out how to configure this Family Tree software so you can upload info onto your individual entry in the Family Tree and share your own pictures = notes = memorabilia ; more on how to do that soon!

In the meantime enjoy each new addition to the family tree!

Abundant Love





7 thoughts on “My Menominee Heritage

  1. Bill Hannan

    Hi Michelle: I came across your web page while doing research on my own ancestry and I was very impressed with it’s content and your obvious pride and passion for your own history. I too am a descendent of Chevrette/Soulieres (via the Bazinet family)
    I was born in Penetanguishene (1956) and remember my mother telling me about our First Nation ancestry.
    Cousins from the same side of the family have done the research and are members of the Metis nation and now I am embarking upon this journey.
    Your pages are the first evidence I have seen alluding to the Menominee Nation.
    Do you know who Marguerites parent were? Any help that you could furnish would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks; Bill Hannan

  2. Derek DeVerney

    Greetings Michelle

    It appears that we are related. As it so happens my Ancestor Isabelle Clermont was the sister to you’re Francoise Clermont. I don’t have any information past their mother Niganihiijigak. However I have found what appears to be thier father James Clermont’s line but I still have to verify that to be sure. Isabelle married a Thomas Cadreau and most if not all of her descendents still reside in Michigan. Some may have stayed in Canada. This was a good read. The Mongolian connection is quite neat.


  3. Maggie Smith (Margaret Mary)

    Hey there!
    I’ve been trying to research Niganihijigak for what feels like forever. She and Jean B. Clermont would be my 6th great grand parents I believe. With the research I’ve done my tree would go something like this, starting from Niganihijigak to me:
    1 – Niganihijigak (1773-1845) + Jean Clermont
    2 – Francoise Clermont (1808-1855) + Francoise Dussaume
    3 – Marguerite Dussaume (1846-1916) + Zephrine E. Marchand
    4 – Marie Jane Marguerite Marchand (1867-1966) + Elzear Gignac
    5 – Albert Alphonse Gignac (1889-1974) + Josephine Moreau
    6 – Germain Gignac (1929-2009 my grandmother) + Royden McCoag
    7 – Tom McCoag (my dad 1950something) + Joann MacPherson
    8 – Me 🙂 Margaret Mary (McCoag) Smith

    There doesn’t seem to be a lot of information out there about Niganihijigak and I have not had my pedigree tested.. yet but I’d like to in the future. If you have any more information about how to get my pedigree checked and or more info on Niganihijigak herself I would love to read/hear more about it. Thank you so much for the work you put into this. It was amazing to read.

    1. admin Post author

      Hello Maggie!
      Awesome information! This fits another piece into the puzzle! Thank you so much for sharing it 🙂
      Most of my genealogical information was retrieved from the Penetanguishene Museum and the supporting documents showing my pedigree, birth, marriage, death etc. were compiled for me by genealogist Gwen Patterson. I will soon be posting the documents I have gathered.
      Thank you, I am happy you enjoyed the read!

  4. Andrea Lacroix Dennehy

    Hello Michelle,
    My father has traced our family tree, and Niganihijigak Claremont Dit Borel and Jean Claremont Dit Borel had a daughter, Elizabeth who married Louis Lacroix. Louis and Elizabeth had Charles and he married Mary (Miron). They would have Edgar Lacroix, his brother Marc (Mark) and 7 other children.
    If she is your relative, then you are my relative too!
    Wonderful to meet you! Thank you for sharing your story.

    1. admin Post author

      The pleasure is all mine!
      I’m happy you liked my story.
      Thanks so much for your comment Andrea, we are indeed related!
      Take a peek at the previous comment from Maggie Smith… it all begins with Niganihijigak! My genealogy records only went as far back as Francoise Clermont’s date of death, I did not even have her date of birth. All of this is wonderful information!
      Welcome to the clan!!!

    2. admin Post author

      Hi Andrea!

      I find this new bit of information very interesting! It seems some accounts indicate that Niganihijigak had only 1 daughter and others indicate she had 2 daughters, Francoise and Elizabeth/Isabelle from what these records indicate. Further research is required it seems!

      I have found these references to Niganihijigak Claremont dit Borel on “my heritage” website that may be helpful to decipher our pedigree.“>

      Niganihijigak Clermont Dit Borel, 1765 – 1860
      Niganihijigak Clermont Dit Borel was born in 1765, at birth place .
      Niganihijigak married Jean Clermont Dit Borel .
      Jean was born on August 18 1748, in Saint Paul, Quebec, Canada.
      They had 9 children: ELIZABETH LACROIX (born CLERMONT) , Betsy Clermont and 7 other children .
      Niganihijigak passed away in 1860, at age 95.

      Niganihijigak Clermont, 1773 – 1873
      Niganihijigak Clermont was born in 1773.
      Niganihijigak married James Clermont .
      James was born circa 1783, in Berthierville, Quebec, Canada.
      They had 2 daughters: Francoise Dussaume (born Clermont) and one other child .
      Niganihijigak passed away in 1873, at age 100.

      Niganihijigak Clermont (born of the Red Rice Menominee Tribe), 1782 – 1845
      Niganihijigak Clermont (born of the Red Rice Menominee Tribe) was born in 1782, at birth place .
      Niganihijigak married Jean Baptiste Clermont .
      Jean was born on August 18 1748, in Saint Paul, Quebec, Canada.
      They had 2 daughters: Francoise Jusseaume-Dussaume (born Clermont) and one other child .
      Niganihijigak passed away in 1845, at age 63 at death place .

      Niganihijigak Clermont (born of the Red Rice Menominee Tribe), 1790 – 1845
      Niganihijigak Clermont (born of the Red Rice Menominee Tribe) was born in 1790, at birth place .
      Niganihijigak married Jean Baptiste Clermont .
      Jean was born on August 18 1748, in Saint Paul, Quebec, Canada.
      They had 2 daughters: Isabelle CLERMONT and one other child .
      Niganihijigak passed away in 1845, at age 55.

      Niganihijigak Clermont, Circa 1783 – Circa 1873
      Niganihijigak Clermont was born circa 1783.
      Niganihijigak married Jean-Baptiste (James) Clermont .
      Jean-Baptiste was born circa 1783, in Berthierville, Berthier, Québec, Canada.
      They had one daughter: Françoise Dussaume / Jussiaume (born Clermont) .
      Niganihijigak passed away circa 1873, at age 90.

      Niganihijigak Clermont
      Niganihijigak Clermont married Jean-Baptiste Clermont .
      They had one daughter: Francoise Dusome (born Clermont) .
      Niganihijigak passed away.

      If Niganihijigak had 2 daughters – we may be related!
      Thanks for sharing your father’s work with me!


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